Child Support in Los Angeles

Child Support is a parental obligation in the shape of periodic payments made directly by a custodial parent to aid their child in paying for his/her own living expenses and other basic necessities. This payment is intended to assist in the child’s development both mentally and physically, like school, clothing, food etc… The amount of child support varies from one jurisdiction to another. The State of California, like many other states, has a minimum amount of child support that a non-custodial or custodial parent must pay to the other person in cases where the child has a monetary need.

Child support in Los Angeles can be awarded in several different forms. These forms can be court ordered, through a parenting time program, voluntarily, through amicable settlement, or via an assignment of physical custody. In most cases, parents seek to obtain child support through the court ordered payments. Often, if a parent believes they are being denied their fundamental right to fair child custody and protection, they will seek to have the court order payments in order to be able to cover their expenses. In many instances, the court will order child support payments to the custodial parent in order to assure that the child receives an adequate amount of monetary support. Child support can be quite granular, sometimes involving several different payments depending on the need of each parent.

Regardless of the type of child support arrangement, it is important for the custodial parent to ensure that they meet all of their financial obligation to the other parent. Failure to meet these financial obligations can result in a custodial parent losing their visitation or legal custody of the child. While each case is unique, child support is generally provided for joint physical custody, while separating for educational or other reasons. If you are seeking alimony or child support payments or want to pursue a modification of your child support agreement, it is vital that you fully understand your rights and obligations. An attorney experienced in these matters can help you achieve the financial security you desire.

Parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. During divorce or following the establishment of parental rights through paternity proceedings, each parent’s child support obligation must be determined.

Child support is intended to cover expenses related to the health, care and upbringing of the children such as:

  • Medical care
  • Educational expenses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Child care costs
  • Special needs

The amount of child support is most often based on statutory guidelines. The guidelines take into account both parents’ gross income and the parenting-time arrangement specifically, the number of overnights each parent has with the children.

The child support guidelines are not absolute, however, and may not apply in high-income cases. Parties may also request a deviation from the guidelines due to certain extraordinary circumstances such as a significant maintenance obligation, a substantial disparity of income between the parents or other circumstances that would render application of the guidelines unjust.

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