Property Division in Los Angeles

Property division is a crucial facet of divorce proceedings. It demands a deep understanding of divorce law and a fair approach to distributing marital assets. At Duncan Family Law, our experienced Property Division lawyers in Los Angeles are proficient in mediating disagreements over property division, ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved.

Property Division: A Cornerstone of Divorce Law

Divorce law help to structure a fair division of assets and liabilities. For over a century, courts have been distributing marital debts and properties. Usually, each person keeps what they own. In cases of joint ownership, when both people own something together, one might have to pay for the other’s debts. This can be sorted out through an property settlementequitable distribution, or a judge’s decision.

Expert Property Division Attorneys in Los Angeles

Our team of Property Division lawyers in Los Angeles brings a wealth of experience to your case, advocating for a fair settlement or fighting for what you truly deserve. Skilled in various methodologies, our attorneys can mediate matters, make decisions on your behalf, or choose to file petitions in court. The key goal is to prevent one party from monopolizing the assets while the other is left in debt limbo. We believe in the legal system’s ability to deliver a fair settlement over sustained litigation.

Navigating the Complexity of Property Division

Divorce proceedings require a meticulous division of property, encompassing both assets and liabilities. These may have been acquired individually prior to marriage or jointly throughout the relationship. If you’re planning a divorce in Los Angeles, the court will divide all marital assets between the parties. Contact our Property Division lawyers at Duncan Family Law today at (855) 369-9993 for expert advice on equitable distribution of your property and assets.

Efficient Division of Assets: The Big and the Small

Dividing property and assets can be overwhelming, especially when trying to account for all items, big or small. At Duncan Family Law, we guide you through this challenging process to ensure that your property settlement truly reflects your best interests. Our divorce and family law attorneys work tirelessly on your behalf to help you retain the assets that matter most to you. Reach us at (855) 369-9993 to discuss your unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Division

1. How does a court determine what property is marital or separate?

In general, marital property includes all assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage, while separate property consists of assets and liabilities each spouse had before the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance during the marriage.

2. How does a court value marital property?

Courts typically value marital property at its fair market value, which is the amount it would sell for in the current market.

3. Can I protect my separate property from division?

Yes, separate property is typically not divided in a divorce. However, it can become marital property if it is commingled with marital assets. You should keep separate property separate and maintain good records to protect it from division.

4. How are retirement accounts divided in a divorce?

Retirement accounts are typically considered marital property and are divided according to the laws of your state. This can be complex and often requires a court order called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

5. How are debts divided in a divorce?

Debts are divided according to the same principles as property. Marital debts are typically divided equally, while separate debts remain the responsibility of the individual who incurred them.

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Property division is a complex but essential part of divorce. Don’t navigate this alone. Contact the team at Duncan Family Law, your trusted Property Division lawyers. We’re here to ensure a fair and equitable division of your property and assets. Call us today at (855) 369-9993 to discuss your unique situation and explore the best path forward.


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