Spousal Support in Denver

Alimony or spousal support refers to financial support payments given to one of the spouses within a separation or divorce agreement. A spousal support lawyer is the best person to turn to when you have to deal with the intricacies of a divorce. Our spousal support lawyers in Denver, Colorado, have the experience needed to help you get everything sorted out and keep everything fair for both parties. There are some circumstances in which divorce is not just a good option but the only solution, and a good spousal support attorney will ensure that your interests are looked after even when there is a possibility of a trial.

A spousal support attorney will mainly help you if you are in a situation where you need financial help after the divorce. He can also represent you if you are trying to change an existing alimony payment or if you are trying to renegotiate your previous agreement. In some divorce cases, an alimony attorney might be needed if you are going through a long divorce and your spouse do not agree in giving financial support. Spousal support lawyers are divorce lawyers, and they can also represent you in court if there are certain issues such as custody, property division, visitation rights etc that have become an issue during the divorce proceedings.

In certain divorce cases, the spousal support will be determined by the judge based on what the spouses can reasonably pay. In all other cases, the spouse receiving support will be able to request for a change based on their financial difficulties. Once the court rules that the spouse is not eligible for a spousal support, they will then determine a date to stop the paiements. However, the judge may reconsider this decision if any news information is submitted. Thats where the attorney comes in help.

Various states have different laws regarding spousal and child support. The law in the state of Colorado will either require joint legal custody or sole physical custody, and it will also determine how much financial support is provided. If you and your spouse are not married, you can request for a spousal support or child support policy in the divorce petition. You can also seek help from our child support lawyers in Colorado about these policies if necessary.

If a person is receiving a low-income, and if he is classified as a low-earners in the eyes of the law, this information will be crucial to determine the amount of the financial help. Some people also receive monthly disability benefits or permanent disability benefits based on their income level. If you are receiving those social security benefits, long-term disability insurance, or retirement benefits, your spouse’s gross salary might be used to calculate your spousal support. However, if you do not have any of these things and still want to apply for long-term or permanent spousal or child support, you will need to file an application and explain why you need this help.

There are many cases where couples can apply for short-term spousal support. For example, if a husband or wife continues to work after the marriage because they have children, they can claim support for a short period of time. This support is only available until the children grow out of school and can earn their own income. The couple may also have to pay alimony during this time if they continue to live in the same household.

Domestic violence is another reason why a person may need to request alimony payments. In Colorado, if a spouse is abused they have the right to seek damages for the physical and emotional harm they suffered. If the recipient of spousal support is still unable to make ends meet because of economic hardships, they may be able to petition the court to have their spousal support modified. The court will take into consideration all of the circumstances surrounding the recipient’s situation, by taking in consideration the domestic violence they have been thru.


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