Divorce Mediation in Denver

Divorce mediation in Denver, Colorado, is among the most commonly used method of discussing a divorce settlement. In divorce mediation, both you and your husband or, in certain cases, both of you and your marital counselor or, again, a neutral third person, known as a mediator, meet with you in an attempt to talk about the terms of your divorce and resolve any disputes that may exist between you. You will be represented by an experienced divorce attorney who knows how to handle this type of situation, and get the best possible outcome for you. 

Mediation enables both you and your attorney to communicate with the other party, and it allows your attorney to discuss key terms of your divorce in an environment free from the public eye. By having a mediated discussion, both parties gain the benefit of a private setting. As you know, many marriages end in divorce because of irreconcilable differences, and mediation offers an opportunity to work through these differences without the stress of going to trial or the expense of a lengthy court battle. And even if a dispute does end up in court, it will often be less expensive and quicker to resolve than a lengthy litigation process.

It is important to realize, though, that mediation does not eliminate divorce proceedings. It just provides a way to get two people in the same room to communicate their thoughts and resolve any conflicts. If there are problems in the marriage that are beyond the ability of the marital counselor to resolve, your attorney can provide a motion to the courts requesting a trial, if necessary. But, if your attorney does proceed with a trial, he or she will inform you of the date and time scheduled and will present your case to a judge. Your attorney will be there to answer all questions that you may have regarding the case, and will present documents and other evidence in his or her own firm along with any written documents that you may provide to prove your case.

Mediation frequently solves disputes outside of the courtroom. Many couples who decide to resolve their divorce without a lawyer eventually reach a settlement before going to court. These couples want a fair resolution of their dispute prior to a long and costly trial. In these cases, couples save money by using mediation as a means to resolve their differences. An experienced divorce mediator will work closely with the couple to iron out details of the property division, child custody and visitation, and other issues.

Not all divorces can be resolved through mediation. In certain circumstances, such as those involving children, spouses may have to go to court to resolve their differences. In these instances, divorce mediation may not be able to protect the rights of either spouse because the court typically makes the decisions. Even when divorce mediation is helpful, lawyers are still usually necessary for negotiations. Our divorce mediation attorneys in Denver are here to help you in that matter.

Mediation attorneys are familiar with the proceedings and know what documents and information must be produced to the court. Most lawyers have seen these types of cases many times and are familiar with how the process works. If your spouse contacts a divorce lawyer that is not familiar with mediation, he or she may be tempted to go to court and thus lose valuable time and money regarding your divorce case.

The fact is that divorce mediation is often less expensive than going to court. This is especially true if the parties agree to share attorney fees and if one party decides to skip court and enter a mediation agreement. Even in situations where one spouse decides to use an attorney, mediation can still be less expensive because the attorneys work at a lesser rate and, in many cases, are used only for the final arguments before the divorce is finalized.


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