Child Custody in Denver

Our child custody attorneys in Denver can help you today understand this important part of your divorce. The allocation of child custody after a divorce means who will have the responsibility to make decisions for the children, as well as how parenting time in planned. If you share the same point of view with your spouse regrading your children’s future, and if you already came to an agreement, child custody should be easy to handle. You will be able to make legal decisions regarding the education, health or general welfare of your children.

Child custody, also called child support, is really just one part of the divorce process, but it is an important part of any divorce. There are several cases where a mother or father gets custody (joint legal and physical) and there are also cases where the parents decide on a shared or sole custody of their children. There are also a few other situations where joint child custody is granted but one parent is awarded sole custody, especially if the children are young. Some parents do want to have sole custody and these are often the cases that will take the least amount of court time and are usually the most affordable for both parents.

There are a couple of things that must be done when determining whether or not you and your spouse will be awarded joint child custody. If the parents can’t come to an agreement, the court will make the decisions. These decisions will be about parenting time and what kind of decisions the parents will be involved in. The courts will determine who makes more money (the non-custodial parent), who have more contact (visitation), and who has more say in making major decisions (childcare). In the best situation, the court will end up with a compromise between the two parties that satisfies the needs of everyone.

If you are going through a divorce, and if either or both of you are seeking child custody, you will want to keep in mind that the grandparents should stay involved in your children’s life. As much as possible, grandparents should try to help their grandchildren develop good relationships with both their parents and them. Grandparents right to be involved in the life of a child is very important, and most of the time, they help the separated family to stay a family.

At the end, parental responsibility refers to a set of legal guidelines that a parent must follow in order to raise and educate their child. This responsibility also includes the financial support needed for the children’s education or activities. Colorado’s statute requires parents to develop a parenting plan that also meets the needs and desires of the child. Before a court grants custody to one or the other parent, the court requires the parents to develop a “comprehensive parenting plan,” which is a document that clearly outlines the physical environment, the current living situation (living with or without the other parent), the parents’ roles and the arrangements regarding the children.

The most important thing to remember during a divorce is the physical health and safety of your child. The best situation is where a child has both parents in physical contact, and where both parents care to give the best possible education and health care. When both parents see the children regularly, they are less likely to be involved in physical harm from another person or even worse, abuse. A bad divorce can lead to an abusive and neglectful behavior, and it is important to take a step back and expose those new details to your divorce attorney. A good lawyer also understands why it is important for both parents to work together during the entire custodial period to ensure that the child has as many relationship with each parent as possible.


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