Domestic Violence in Denver

Domestic Violence in Denver is one of the leading causes of divorce. If you are in that position, contact our experienced domestic violence lawyers today to discuss your case during a free consultation. In some cases, victims are not aware that they have been the victim of abuse and may not know how to go about filing a police report, or what type of legal documentation they will need in order to secure their rights. This is where an experienced domestic violence attorney can be extremely helpful.

A domestic violence attorney will look at all of the circumstances surrounding your incident, as well as other details like financial pressure, alcohol and drug use. If you have been accused of domestic violence in any way, it is also critical that you have a lawyer on your side. Domestic Violence lawyers understand the legal questions about assault, battery, arrest, imprisonment, and other related criminal charges.

Some victims make the mistake of thinking that if they say no to a romantic overture or try to escape a violent relationship, this will somehow prevent future abuse. This is simply not true. The simple fact is that many innocent people have been harmed by false allegations of domestic violence, and they often don’t know how to handle the situation. Only a criminal defense attorney can help these people put the matter to rest, restoring their good name and standing in the community.

When contacted by a victim of domestic dispute, the first thing that the police officer will do is record a statement. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of wrong information that is included on these statements, which can be used against the client later on in court. An experienced domestic violence lawyer should be consulted right away to ensure that the police officer has everything right and that all of the necessary details are recorded accurately. False allegations of violence can have an even more negative effect on a person’s life, and it’s important to hire someone who knows how to navigate the judicial process.

False allegations of domestic violence also affect victims who try to resolve their issue with the police on their own. It’s not uncommon for victims to call the police to complain about their spouse, only to learn that the police are not investigating the incident the way they want. If an inaccurate official police report is filed, it may not play on your favor, especially if you were in shock and forgot important details. As a result, victims may find that they are shut out of the process once their case is turned over to the prosecutor’s office. If this happens, victims may never find justice and receive the protection that they deserve.

It’s not just in Denver where domestic violence goes unreported. In many instances, the perpetrator is well-known or at least known to the victim. This means that the crime might go unsolved, which can create a huge risk for the victim. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado can help victims not only get the justice that they deserve, but also put the suspected perpetrator away for good. An experienced criminal defense attorney can use his or her expert knowledge and skills to help unlock the identity of the real perpetrator, or to uncover other hidden evidence that will reveal the truth.

In many cases, victims are hesitant to contact authorities due to fear of being prosecuted for crimes that they may not understand. In Denver, individuals have access to legal help provided by the state. They can explain the repercussions of contacting the wrong authorities and can offer advice on how to handle stress-filled, intimidating circumstances such as those that often accompany domestic abuse. A highly experienced criminal defense attorney in Denver can explain the various legal defenses available to victims and how to avoid criminal charges that could further damage their reputation and career. Experienced attorneys can also advise their clients on what options, if any, exist to fight back against charges that have no merit.

If you have been abused, call our criminal defense attorney immediately to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. An experienced attorney will know how to talk to judges and law enforcement officers in the same manner that he or she would to a client. Many victims do not feel comfortable calling the police or asking for protection from their abuser, and the courts may refuse a temporary order that keeps the abuser in jail. A good attorney can help you fight for a permanent or temporary order that is fair to you and your family.


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