Property Division in Denver

Property Division in Denver, Colorado, is a very important process that determines the fate of your marriage. When you engage a divorce attorney, you have a responsibility to ensure you have someone who will work aggressively to protect your interests in the property division hearings. When deciding on getting divorced, it is also important to choose an attorney who will work to mediate and keep emotions from interfering. When choosing a property division attorney, you will want to ensure that you have someone you can trust and confidence in as you go through this difficult process. A trusted attorney will help keeping you focused while working to reach a fair settlement for all parties involved.

Divorce and marital property division in Denver can be a long and complex process. It’s important that you hire an attorney who can help you through the process quickly and efficiently. When you need an experienced attorney, it is essential to locate one able to give you the highly responsive and compassionate legal representation you require. Our Denver marital property division lawyers are familiar with the procedures of this state and can assist you to fully navigate the judicial system.

When two people are married and then separate, they share hidden assets and liabilities that might not be declared at the divorce proceedings. This means that during the course of the divorce process, creditors are contacted multiple times requesting information about the couple’s financial situation. Many of these calls result in lengthy conversations that are difficult to end and have negative effects on both sides of the divorce. If one of the parties is trying to hide some assets, this can also prevent the other spouse from receiving the fair share of settlement payments from the creditors. An experienced lawyer will help protecting your rights if you have valuable information to exploit.

One way to avoid conflicts and ensure that you are fairly compensated for the divorce is to hire a divorce attorney. Our attorneys are experienced in that field and familiar with the laws surrounding property division in Denver, Colorado. help We will help you obtain your faire share of all the assets your couple had.

Another way to divide property during a marriage is to divide retirement accounts. Most retirement accounts are jointly held between the two spouses in the past, but during a marriage, one spouse may have started a new account and transferred funds from the former to the new. Similarly, certain retirement accounts may have been divided in the past but the accounts are now under the name of one spouse. It is important to request the courts to divide these accounts because often, such retirement accounts are actually owned by one spouse but funded by the other.

In most cases, when one spouse applies for a divorce, the court will require an affidavit indicating the division of the property, unless the spouses waive the requirement. The court will then divide the property into either an unequal and equitably distribution. An unequal distribution means that a portion of the property is given to the spouse who is getting the divorce, while an unequal or equitably distributed property distribution means that equally (or fairly) proportioned portions of the property are awarded to each spouse. In Denver, an equitably distributed property distribution requires that the spouse receiving the award must share equally (or fairly) with the other spouse. An equitably distributed property division requires that each spouse receives an equal amount of the total marital property. In some divorce cases, some spouses may retain some of the pre-marital assets (like a house, car, etc.) or other properties (like art, etc.)

Once the property is divided equitably (which means that each spouse receives an equal amount regardless of who “owns” what) and the spouses debts have been paid, our lawyers can file official divorce papers. If at all possible, the spouse’s debts should be resolved before to start the divorce. It may be necessary, however, for one spouse to obtain credit counseling as part of the divorce, in order to prevent future creditor problems. Any unresolved debts need to be settled before moving forward, in order for you to protect yourself from any bad surprise.


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