Legal Separation in Denver

A legal separation is essentially a legal act filed by someone who wish to be separated legally from their partner, but also wants to solve all financial issues, including child support, alimony, spousal maintenance, and property division. In some instances, a separation agreement can be signed outside of the court system if a couple so chooses. However, many times a separation agreement is filed in a local court and requires a judge’s signature. In this case, a legal separation attorney would be the best person to represent you and your interests.

There are many different situations where people wish to separate but aren’t sure how. If you or your partner has been married for a number of years and feel like a divorce is inevitable, consider one of the following methods. You can live apart until you’re ready to get back together or until the two of you decide that marriage is not for you anymore. Living apart is perfectly acceptable, just as long as there’s no impending divorce and the decision is mutual.

If you or your spouse has filed for divorce, you might want to get a free consultation for legal separation. A separation agreement is completely different than a divorce petition. A separation agreement is completely separate from any papers filed in a divorce proceeding. A separation agreement is created between the two individuals; and in most cases, there is no court involved. After you have reached an agreement on matters relating to your relationship, you can both go back to normal lives.

There are many reasons why a legal separation might occur. If one or both parties are unhappy with their current marital status, they might prefer to separate legally from each other. Another common reason is when a spouse sees no clear path forward in their marriage and would prefer to explore other options. Or maybe the couple never wanted to get married to begin with and feel that a divorce is their only option.

If you or your spouse chooses to live apart, they will need to get some legal advice. In Denver, Colorado, if one or both of you decide to exercise your right to be away from home, it’s extremely important to hire an attorney who is experienced in Denver divorce laws and who has the expertise to guide you through the process. In many cases, your attorney will file your paperwork and submit it to the courts for you, after gathering all the information from you, so hiring an experienced attorney in your area will ensure that your needs are served properly.

Other benefits to living apart might induce a reduction in your overall family expenses, or a higher standard of living, and an opportunity to care for yourself while being able to separate emotionally from your partner. While living together may have made you comfortable, it’s quite possible that your mental and emotional well-being has become strained due to constant fighting and resentment. When couples decide to separate, they become more comfortable with each other and can better understand one another’s needs. A divorce attorney can provide you with the advice you need to make a decision about whether or not you and your spouse are going to be legally responsible for each other.

A legal separation in Colorado allows couples to work out their differences in a calm, civilized environment. In the case of a divorce, the stress of constantly worrying about custody and visitation can wear down relationships. By deciding to live apart, couples are showing their respect for the decision they’ve made, they’re able to work through their problems in a mature, peaceful manner, and they benefit from improved communication with each other. When couples work together, they reduce the chances that they’ll fight when they have to deal with issues pertaining to their children or financial assets. Instead, they can resolve their problems peacefully, rationally, and constructively.

A legal separation is sometimes preferable to a divorce. You can save your marriage by making a simple arrangement that allows you to remain legally married while avoiding the costs, anxiety, and hassle of a divorce. Talk to our divorce lawyers in Denver to see if a legal separation might be right for you. Even if it ends up being better for your marriage than a divorce, a separation might help protect you from the financial hardships that usually come with a divorce.


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