Prenuptial Agreements in Denver

What is a Prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract that takes place before two people get married. A prenup helps to outline what couples financial responsibilities will be in the event of death, divorce or other unforeseen circumstances. It also covers division of assets and ownership rights for property accumulated during the marriage if it ends. Prenuptials can protect both partners from future arguments about money and estates but they typically don’t cover any existing debts either partner had prior to signing on so each person should consult with their own lawyer beforehand as well. It also covers other financial matters like retirement funds, debt management, property ownership rights, etc.


Why a prenuptial agreement is a good idea?

Prenups are not just for the rich and famous.Prenups have been getting more attention lately as people begin considering them in lieu of wedding rings. They’re typically used by couples who already possess significant assets or those that come from wealthy families but they can be beneficial even if one person is much wealthier than their future partner-to-be because it gives both parties an opportunity to plan ahead financially without having any hidden surprises waiting down the line.


Why do people need a premarital agreement?

Here’s a few common and less-common reasons demonstrate why some people need a prenup:

  1. Conflicting ideas of what married life should look like – One person may want children and one might not; the couple wants to live in two different places but stay together; or they have vastly differing levels of wealth which could lead them into arguments later down the road.
  2. The marriage might get short-lived due to infidelity on either party’s part
  3. Separations that include custody battles over children
  4. Children from previous relationships

Do I need a lawyer to write my premarital agreements?

Creating these legal documents is an important step in ensuring your future as a married couple. To ensure that they are legally binding, you will want to consult with our Denver family law attorneys. Our lawyers at Duncan Family Law Denver have the experience and expertise necessary for assisting you in creating this document so it’s tailored perfectly for your needs. We are committed to ensuring that your agreements registered in the state of Colorado accurately represent the language of the state, and do not violate any laws.



Some couples come together with complicated family histories and even worse financial situations. Some people need a prenup to protect their assets, such as homes or cars that they’ve put years into accumulating for themselves and the future of their children should one party suddenly die unexpectedly in an accident. Other times it’s because one person is more financially stable than another so there are fears about divorce spoiling all those hard-earned gains. Sometimes you’ll find two parties disagreeing on how many kids will be college worthy soon enough; this can lead to fights over money which cause some worry when considering whether marriage would bring happiness if not also wealth!

If you want some peace of mind while getting married, book a free phone or video consultation so we know exactly where everything stands before entering into marriage.


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